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The Management and Leadership Training Project

The Management and Leadership Training Project

Course Contents


Part 1     

Challenges And Trends In University Management 

1.1          Introduction

1.2          Capacity Building And Policy Capacity

Part 2                                                                                                   

The Importance Of Strategic Thinking And Planning

2.1       Introduction

2.2       An Overview Of The Planning Process

2.3          Basics Of Developing Mission, Vision And Values Statements

2.4       Start Thinking About Beginning A Strategic Planning Process

  • Part 3


3.1          Leading And Managing

3.2          Who Are Leaders?

3.3          What Is Leadership?

3.4       Leaders And Vision

3.5       Two Models Of Leadership: Transformational & Servant Leadership

3.6       Understanding Followership

3.7          Cultivating Effective And Exemplary Followers

3.7          Summing Up


Part 4                                                                                                                                   

  • Changing Universities For The Better

4.1       Organizational Culture

4.2          Types Of Cultures

4.3          Why Is An Organizational Culture Improtant To An Organization?

4.4       Forces For Change

4.5       What Can Change Agents Change?

4.6       Resistance To Change

4.7       Overcoming Resistance To Change

4.8       The Politics Of Change

4.9       How To Approach Organizational Change

4.10     Stimulating Organizational Innovation

4.11     Creating A Dynamic University

4.12     Managing Change And Culture

4.13        A Few Final Tips For Managing Change

Part 5
Building Winning Teams for Universities Of The 21st Century

5.1          Communication and Active Listening.

5.2       Young and Promising Universities

5.3          Promising Universities and Breakthroughs

5.4          How to Evaluate Universities And To See If They Are World Class Institutions

5.5          Organizational Review Checklist


  • 12 weeks of study, 1-2 hours/week
  • Free registration
  • 75 Dolar per Week
  • 5 USD for Course Book (Electronic version)
  • 10 USD for certificate

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