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Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS)

Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS)

January 29, 2017 8:58 am

Organizational Profile

Think, Analyse and Serve

  • Introduction

Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental Somali-based Institute, whose primary mission is to provide quality Research & Publications, Education and development services to the public and private entities in Somalia to empower Somali statecraft.


Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS) founded in 2016 by group of Academician, intellectuals, opinion formers, research professionals, governance and security practitioners whose objective is about creating new ways to think, analyze and serve the country and the society with its scholarship and make contributions to the overall development of Somalia and Africa as well. We help governments, civil societies, as well as regional and international organizations create a peaceful, secure and prosperous Africa and world at large.


SIfDeSS Institute is also aimed at building an open academic platform for Somalis and foreign experts on and young scholars devoted to African studies to undertake systematic and comprehensive research on Somalia, East African and Africa as well, accumulating academic achievements, cultivating Somalis personnel specialized in African studies.


Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS) have 6 Research centers (Center for Strategic and Policy Studies, Center for Security and Intelligence Studies, Center for Economic Studies, Center for Crime and Justice Studies; Center for Historical and Cultural Studies and Center for Natural Resource & Environmental Policy),

Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS) have also 4 professional centers (Center for Investment and Trade Consulting, Center for Books and Materials; Center for Arts and Media Production; Center for Training and Employment), Management department, Marketing and Educational Department.

Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (SIfDeSS) is planning to step up strenuous and serious efforts in the coming years to construct academic ideas, establish its own academic school, pursue academic characteristics, forge academic brand and cultivate a team of academics to position itself as a dynamic first-class institution with comprehensive disciplines and an advanced administrative structure.


To become the leading Somali Institute and center of excellence in knowledge & application and strives to bring to the fore East Africa perspective on economic & Social development, Security, Peace, Education, Research and Sustainable development.


Our mission is to provide quality Education, Research & Publications and development services to the public and private entities in Somalia to empower Somali statecraft and maintain civilized international relations.

  1. Offer academic research and publication, strategic studies & analysis focusing on local, regional and global issues.
  2. Organize Summits and other events bringing together regional and global strategist focusing on local, regional and global crises.
  3. Provide face-to-face classroom sessions and self-paced online educational content delivery platforms.
  4. Support students by providing admission and scholarship, e-library and special program for student’s career development initiatives.
  5. Provide Employment and Job creation opportunities and promote entrepreneurship for young graduates.
  6. Offer Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening.

Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies is guided by commitment to the following values;

  1. Integrity – our relationship with our clients, employees and suppliers is based on the highest moral and ethical standards, thus complying with market-wide best practices.
  2. Transparency – our relationships are based on mutual trust, with constant sharing of experiences and key corporate practices and processes.
  3. Action –our flexibility and energy are a true reflection of the constantly changing marketplace.
  4. Success – we make our Clients’ goals come true, guaranteeing added value to our shareholder and optimizing our Employees’ growth and individual success.
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility – our entire operations are geared towards contributing positively to the community in which we find ourselves, and to society in general.


Somali Institute for Development and Strategic Studies Offers the Following Services; Education; Research and Publications and Institutional Development & Organizational Strengthening.


    1. Face-to-Face Classroom Sessions
    2. Self-Based Online Courses
    1. Assignment Support of School/ University students.
    2. Assisting young researchers
    3. Admission and scholarship support
    4. Vocational training
    5. Workshop/seminars
    6. Online Tutoring
    7. Entrepreneurship development
    8. Employment and Job Creation for young graduates
    1. Online databases for Visitors: You can search our online catalogue by word or phrase, author, title, or subject. It contains 2500 electronic documents, plus books, magazine articles, law reports and transcripts.
    2. E-resources: which are available to the members 24/7, wherever you are in the world.
    3. Printing, photocopying and document delivery service for our members and non-members


    1. Policy and Strategic studies
    2. Security and Intelligence Studies
    3. ICT and Cyber Security Studies
    4. Crime and Justice Studies
    5. Economic & Social Affairs Studies
    6. Historical and Cultural Studies
    7. Natural Resource & Environmental Policy Studies
    1. Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD)
    2. Performance Assessment and Management
    3. Change Management
    4. Capacity Assessment
    5. Capacity Development
    6. Human Resource Management
    7. Consulting and Policy Advice
    8. Public Relations and Communication
    9. Media Production
    10. Event management
    11. Analysis and Diagnosis

SIfDeSS Institute’s membership is composed the following:

  • Prominent individuals: Senior and distinguished public and international civil servants, business leaders, scholars, academicians, journalists, professionals and Somali Diaspora.
  • Membership Groups: Governments, Foundations, Think tanks, Development institution, Professional associations, Academic and research Institutions, Business, high value Industrial establishments and civil society organizations, International organizations and Private and public entities.



SIfDeSS Institute is governed by an Executive Board of Directors responsible for directing and overseeing the overall operations of the Institute including research programmes, budget control, and the recruitment of staff. The Board consists of 7 Board member led by Chairperson.


SIfDeSS Institute has recruited and retains a pool of research associates who supplement the efforts of full-time research staff. These are drawn from the government, civil society, private sector and universities among others. They represent the Institute’s core sectors.


Prof. Ali Yasin, PhD in Business Administration Associate Fellow, Economic and Social Sector Programme.

Prof. Yasin Sheikh Muse; Associate Fellow, Security and Policy study.



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